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Welcome to WickedUK
:: Citizens of Oz ::

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# 001
Kerry Ellis

(January 2007)

# 002
Martin Ball

(February 2007)

# 003
Helen Dallimore

(February 2007)

# 004
Cassidy Janson

(March 2007)

# 005
James Gillan

(April 2007)

# 006
Annalene Beechey

(May 2007)

# 007
Katie Rowley Jones

(June 2007)

# 008
Haydn Oakley

(September 2007)

# 009
Dianne Pilkington

(February 2008)

# 010
Nadine Cox

(May 2008)


:: Oz Dust Confidential Home Page ::

Welcome to Oz Dust Confidential!!

Join us as we go behind the scenes and catch up with all the news and gossip from members of the London cast, with our EXCLUSIVE Oz Dust Confidential interviews!

We can boast one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of London-based cast interviews around. And you want to know the best thing? They just keep on coming!

Our London production is swarming with those willing to share just a taste of their experiences and impressions of Wicked. So, simply select one of the cast members pictureed below and see what they have to say in response to some of our thought-provoking questions and Wicked in general!

WickedUK wishes to take this opportunity to thank every single one of these guys for their time and efforts - you guys rock, we love you!


PLEASE NOTE: All interviews have been carried out specifically for WickedUK.co.uk. Reproduction of these interviews, either in their entirety or partially, under any circumstances, is strictly prohibited.

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