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:: Citizens of Oz ::

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# 001
Kerry Ellis

(January 2007)

# 002
Martin Ball

(February 2007)

# 003
Helen Dallimore

(February 2007)

# 004
Cassidy Janson

(March 2007)

# 005
James Gillan

(April 2007)

# 006
Annalene Beechey

(May 2007)

# 007
Katie Rowley Jones

(June 2007)

# 008
Haydn Oakley

(September 2007)

# 009
Dianne Pilkington

(February 2008)

# 010
Nadine Cox

(May 2008)


:: #003 - Helen Dallimore ::

Helen Dallimore Name: Helen Dallimore

Role Played: Glinda

Joined The Cast: July 2006 - Original London Cast Member

Left The Cast: July 2007

Recently Seen In: The Republic of Myopia, Harbour, Midsomer Murders (TV)

HELEN DALLIMORE is a member of the Original London Cast of Wicked. She plays 'popular' girl Galinda (later Glinda), who becomes Elphaba's best friend at Shiz, and then later goes on to become Glinda the Good. To read Helen's full biography, please click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: This interview has been carried out specifically for WickedUK.co.uk. Reproduction of this interview, either in its entirety or partially, under any circumstances, is strictly prohibited. You are, however, very welcome to link back to this page.

:: The Interview ::

Have you seen any of the other Wicked productions prior to accepting the role?
After I was cast, Wicked flew me to NY to see the show and meet ? people.

Have you read Maguire's novel, Wicked - The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West?
I read the book before I knew Wicked was coming to London and loved it. Glinda is very different though, but it was useful in terms of creating the world of Oz in my imagination.

What is your favourite scene?
I think Defying Gravity is the most impressive moment in the show, but I love doing Popular.

What is your favourite song?
Thank Goodness is the hardest, but most satisfying when it goes right.

What is your favourite costume?
The yellow dress in Act I and the pale green ball gown in Act II.

Who is your favourite character?
Dr Dillamond

What, if any, have been your biggest show/prop/costume mishaps?
When my bubble failed to descend at the start of the first preview!

What are you characters top 3 priorities in life?
Well, they change dramatically, but I'll answer for the beginning of the show before she meets Elphaba. 1) Being liked. 2) Looking good. 3) Finding Mr. Right.

If you could change one thing about your character, what would it be?
I wouldn't change anything about her. She might like to change her social standing, and be born into a more important family. Like a princess or something...

Personally, are you more a Galinda or an Elphaba?
Elphaba, definitely. Or maybe Glinda at the end...

What is it like being up in that bubble just waiting for your entrance at the top of the show?
Very peaceful. The calm before the storm.

Have you had any bubble mishaps?
The one I mentioned at the first preview. Total bubble failure.

Have you ever ended up accidentally eating any of the bubbles by mistake while in your bubble?
Yes - and they taste vile!

Given the choice, would you travel by bubble or by broom?
I think bubble is more confortable...

You wear you Shiz shoes throughout NOMTW. Do you have any other sneaky costume cheats that help your changes go faster?
I have the Shiz skirt on at the start, too.

What is it that makes Galinda so popular - money, status, charisma, etc?
Charisma, definitely. And grooming.

As previously mentioned in Martin's ODC, Galinda is not in Dr D's second class. What things do you think Galinda would get up to/do in order to miss the class?
Facial, manicure, elocution tutor, possibly a slight headache...

Why does Galinda go on about the day Dr D was taken away in class when she wasn't even there to witness the event?
She obviously heard about the scandel from her trusty girlfriends. And it was the day Fiyero started acting weird...

In Popular, why is Galinda so excited that 'it's tomorrow'? What is that in reference to?
It's the next day - they've been up talking ALL NIGHT - it's so naughty and exciting!

When Glinda and Elphaba go to the Emerald City, they are the only two not wearing green. Since Glinda always likes to fit in/follow the fashion, how come she wears yellow to the Emerald City, which would mean she would stick out?
She's a small fish in a big pond for once. If she stayed long, she'd soon be in green!

When Nessa has been killed, why does Glinda pick the flowers, lay them on the ground, then pick them up and walk away with them when Elphaba arrives?
She never actually puts the flowers down, because she is surprised. Then she is embarrassed to be caught out grieving for Nessa. She discards them because Elphie's grief becomes more important in that moment.

Does Glinda ever realise that the Tinman is Boq?
She knows he's Boq. She also hears him re-tell the story during the witch-hunters scene and says "No, that's not how it happened".

I always get a headache when I cry too much. You cry most of the time during Wicked, how do you manage to not get a headache (or other side effects)?
I do get a headache sometimes. Especially after two shows.

Everyone in the show is wicked at some point or another. Who do you think is the wickedest and why?
Madame Morrible, she has no redeeming features, and no remorse at the end. She's out for herself.

If you were stranded on a desert island with any character from Wicked, who would it be and why?
Fiyero - because maybe I would win his heart. And I can't breed with Elphaba, or start a new race of cast-aways.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ms Dallimore very kindly agreed to answer the above questions for us here at WickedUK.co.uk. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Dallimore for her time and effort that made the above interview possible.


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