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:: Citizens of Oz ::

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Kerry Ellis

(January 2007)

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Martin Ball

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Helen Dallimore

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Cassidy Janson

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# 005
James Gillan

(April 2007)

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:: #005 - James Gillan ::

James Gillan

Name: James Gillan

Currently Playing: Boq

Joined The Cast: July 2006 - Original London Cast Member

Recently Seen In: Starlight Express, Taboo and Tommy

JAMES GILLAN is a member of the Original London Cast of Wicked. He plays geeky lad 'Boq' who is completely besotted with Galinda (later Glinda) the moment he meets her at Shiz, and continues, unsuccessfully, to win her heart. In an attempt to rectify a spell cast by her sister Nessarose, Elphaba turns him into the Tinman in order to save his life. To read James' full biography, please click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: This interview has been carried out specifically for WickedUK.co.uk. Reproduction of this interview, either in its entirety or partially, under any circumstances, is strictly prohibited. You are, however, very welcome to link back to this page.

:: The Interview ::

Had you seen any of the other Wicked productions prior to accepting the role?
Yes, on Broadway!

Have you read Maguire's novel, Wicked - The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West?
I have, and I've hopefully drawn on Boq's rather strange side in the book!

What is your favourite song?
No Good Deed; they are all great!

What is your favourite scene?
The governer's mansion!

Who is your favourite character?
The lion is very easy to work with!

What is your favourite costume?
All of Glinda's costumes... my ones are great for the character, but not the best in the show!

What, if any, have been you biggest show/ prop / costume mishaps?
Being kicked in previews by a member of the ENSEMBLE... it was an accident!

What are your characters top 3 priorities in life?
Glinda, Glinda, Glinda

Having appeared in Starlight Express at the Apollo Victoria previously, how does it feel to be back?
Weird, but I like the theatre!

No one seems to want to befriend Boq when he arrives at Shiz. What is it about him that makes him almost as much of a social outcast as Elphaba?
His clothes are not cool! And he's just a bit strange really!

Once Elphaba arrives, Boq is no longer the only outsider. How do you use Elphaba's arrival to Boq's advantage?
Well, we all arrive together on the same day, but it's nice to have someone else to poke fun at I suppose.

How far would Boq go for Glinda i.e. if she asked him to jump off a cliff, would he do it?
That defeats the point really!!!!

At Galinda's suggestion, Boq takes Nessa to the Oz Dust party. When do you think he realises it was a 'set-up'?
When he see's her kissing Fiyero

Does this 'set-up' diminish his feelings for Galinda?

How does Boq feel when he sees Galinda and Fiyero together at the party?
Gutted, but he still has hope

Boq finally stands up to Galinda at the train station. What is it that makes him snap and do such a thing?
Because he can't carry on with Nessa, he doesn't want to hurt her...

Why does he go back to Nessa after abandoning her at the train station?
He has no choice when she becomes the governess.

Since Boq has spent so many years with Nessa, some through choice, some not, do you think he grew to care for her, even just a little bit?
He has a big heart, but Nessa has treated him and his eople badly and I don't think he could ever forgive her.

How restrictive is the Tinman costume to move it?
Very, but I don't have it on for long.

Once Boq becomes the 'Tinman', does he ever reveal to anyone that his true identity is Boq?
I don't think I should even be saying that I turn into him, but I think like Fiyero he keeps it secret.

Boq knows Nessa and Elphaba caused his 'condition'. Why does he pin the entire blame on Elphaba?
Because Nessa is dead...

If the Tinman is so desperate to see Elphaba dead, how come he's not in the opening/end sequences to hear Glinda's announcement and celebrate her death with everyone else?
It's really tricky, but sometimes I think that the Witch Hunters section is all part of the plan, and Boq is helping Fiyero.

Everyone in the show is wicked at some point or another. Who do you think is the wickedest and why?
I don't think Boq is at all!

If you had to be stranded on a desert island with one of the characters from Wicked, who would it be and why?
The lion - he doesn't say much!

Have you decided whether you will be staying at Wicked after 14th July, or do you have other plans?
I'm staying!

Since we have been asking you all the questions, what question(s) you would like to ask the fans
Who's the best - Glinda or Elphie?

Is there anything further you wish to add?
Thanks for all your support, I really appreciate it!!!


EDITOR'S NOTE: Mr Gillan very kindly agreed to answer the above questions for us here at WickedUK.co.uk. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Gillan for his time and effort that made the above interview possible.


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