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Nadine Cox

(May 2008)


:: #010 - Nadine Cox ::

Apollo Victoria Theatre Name: Nadine Cox

Roles: Shen Shen, understudy Morrible

Joined The Cast: July 2006 - Original London Cast Member

Recently Seen In: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers; The Full Monty

NADINE COX is a member of the Original London Cast of Wicked. She is currently a member of the ensemble and plays Shen Shen, one of Glinda's best friends. Nadine is also a cover for Madame Morrible and has played the role several times. As of the next cast change (9th June 2008) she will move up to 1st cover for Madame Morribe.

PLEASE NOTE: This interview has been carried out specifically for WickedUK.co.uk. Reproduction of this interview, either in its entirety or partially, under any circumstances, is strictly prohibited. You are, however, very welcome to link back to this page.

:: The Interview ::

What is your favourite scene?
As an ensemble member it is the classroom scene when we are first introduced to Dr Dillamond.

What is your favourite song?
My favourite solo piece is "The Wizard and I". It's a fantastic song. As a company song, well actually it's a specific section, when we all sing "Yes goodness knows........" when Glinda first steps out of the bubble, the harmonies are absolutely gorgeous. I just love singing that bit.

What is your favourite costume?
My Emerald City without question. The design is so beautiful.

What are your character's top priorities in life?
Well Shenshen's 1st priority is to stick to Glinda like glue. 2nd - Tell Glinda she's just perfect. No 3 - Tell Glinda she's amazing.

What is your quickest costume change?
Without doubt from the opening mob costume into Shiz.

What does your Shiz character think of Elphaba and Boq?
Well everyone is shocked by Elphaba to begin with because she's green of course. With regard to an actual opinion Shenshen will always have the same opinion of Elphaba as Glinda and agree with everything she says and thinks. Whatever Glinda thinks, Shenshen thinks.
As for Boq, Shenshen is extremely irritated by him because he's always there trying to get Glinda's attention, and she's not happy about that.

Were you any trouble at school?
No I wasn't. I'd love to make it more interesting and say I was a bit of a rebel but I wasn't. I was actually Head Girl! (So is Shenshen in Shiz, but Shenshen's dad made sure that she was made Head Girl because he's a major investor at Shiz University so the governing body keep him happy).

Was it you that wrote the message on Dr Dillamond's blackboard?
No comment. Also, innocent until proven guilty! There are many theories as to who is the culprit.

Where do you think your best friend Glinda disappears to during the second classroom scene?
She's having a facial and manicure.

You've been on for some shows as Madame Morrible? What is it like playing that character?
It's great becuse Madame Morrible is just vile towards the end. She's manipulative, nasty. In fact she's hideous. So much fun to do.

Do you prefer playing nasty, spiteful, manipulative characters or kind-hearted naive ones?
No contest, the nasty manipulative ones.

If you had to be stranded on a desert island with one of the characters from Wicked, who would it be and why?
Although Shenshen adores Glinda, she'd have to choose Pfannee. She's my right arm and I'm her left. Like two peas in a pod.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ms Cox very kindly agreed to answer the above questions for us here at WickedUK.co.uk. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Cox for her time and effort that made the above interview possible.


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