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:: Top 10 Tips for Day Seaters ::

Day Seats are fabulous. At 10am each morning, the front row seats (total of 24) of the stalls are released for sale at £25 each Ė a bargain! Limited to 2 tickets per person (and payment preferred in cash), these seats offer the best view in the house and the perfect opportunity to get right up close to the action!

However, getting these tickets can require several hours of queuing, but since thatís what the British do best, itís not too difficult. Having queued for Day Seats on numerous occasions, I have put together a ĎTop 10í list of things to remember when queuing for Day Seats, especially when the mornings are colder.

Please Note: These Top 10 Tips are designed as a guide and to provide valuable information. They will NOT necessarily guarantee you getting Day Seats.

1) TURN UP EARLY: When the show first opened, the queues were very long, and you had to arrive at very ungodly hours of the morning in order to land yourself in the queue in the right place. Thankfully, since the Official Opening Night the queues have reduced in size, and you are able to turn up at a slightly more reasonable time and still get tickets. I recommend the following times to turn up:

Mondays-Thursdays: Around 8:00am (before preferably). While it might be some time before anyone else joins the queue, at least you are there!
Fridays: Between 7:00 and 7:30am. As the weekend approaches, the queues tend to increase.
Saturdays: Around 7:00am (before preferably). Saturdays are the busiest day for day seats. If you are not worried whether you see the matinee or the evening performance, then you could arrive slightly later and still get a ticket to one or the other. If you are looking to go to one performance specifically, then it is recommended you turn up as soon as you can.

2) VISIT THE TOILET: It is best to visit the toilet BEFORE you join the queue, especially if you are queuing by yourself! A couple of hours standing around can drag on long enough, but it can be made to feel even longer and seriously uncomfortable if all you can think of is needing the toilet! We advise doing this in case you happen to be in a queue with not very sympathetic queuers! However, in our experience, most people have been very willing to let single-queuers nip off to the toilet and will save their place in the queue.

3) WRAP UP WARM: This is even more important during the winter months. I say wear as much as you possibly can, after all, you can always take it off later! I tend to wear: a long-sleeved t-shirt, jumper, coat, tights (optional for the blokes!), trousers, an extra pair of socks, hat, gloves, scarf and coat! It may seem a lot, but at least Iím always as snug as a bug! During the colder weather, a blanket is also an added bonus.

4) WEAR A HAT: It has been scientifically proven that a large percent of body heat is lost through the head, so if you are wearing a hat, you stop it from escaping, and it will result in a warmer you! Youíll be surprised at how low the air temperature can drop before you start to notice it if youíre wearing a hat!

5) WEAR EXTRA SOCKS:Especially if, like me, you are prone to cold feet. You feet are most likely to get the coldest and fastest, and once they are cold, itís hard to warm them up again without going indoors. So an extra pair of socks will help keep the cold at bay just a little bit longer.

6) GET A HOT DRINK: Either bring your own in a Thermos Flask, or purchase one from the many restaurants in Victoria Station PRIOR to joining the queue. While the heat wonít last for the duration of your waiting, it will last sometime and help keep you that little bit warmer. However, take care over how much you drink, otherwise you could be desperate for the loo before you know it!

7) TAKE SOMETHING TO SIT ON:The pavement can be very cold and uncomfortable by the time 10am rolls around. While you can stand if you wish, it will eventually take itís toll and youíll be dying to sit down, even if itís just for a while. Our top tip is to pick up a copy of the Metro first thing in the morning (if you canít get one from your train/tube station, there are usually loads about at Victoria Station). The Metro has two purposes: to give you something to read while standing, but then more importantly, when you decide to sit down, it acts as the perfect cushion, giving you something softer than the ground to sit on and itís surprising how insulating newspapers are! You very rarely feel the cold through them! So far however, we have found that camping roll mats provide the best surface to sit on, giving you protection from the cold ground, something soft underneath and a larger area for you to actually sit on!

8) BRING CASH AND CARDS: You should have enough cash on you to purchase your day seat tickets, but it is also advisable to bring extra cash or a credit/debt card so that if all day seats have gone by the time you reach the box office, you can purchase other tickets that might still be available. However, please be careful with your belongings, as a lot of homeless/beggars/pick-pockets operate in the area, and since you will be right opposite the train station, you could be an easy target. Just be vigilant.

9) COUNT THOSE IN THE QUEUE: When you arrive, if the queue is long, do a quick head count of those in front. If there are 24 or more people in the queue, then it is pretty pointless joining since there are only 24 tickets available. If there are 11 or less, then jump on it! Youíre definitely going to get your ticket! If there are between 12 and 24, then we suggest you do a little asking around. Simply start at the beginning of the queue and ask everyone how many tickets they are each buying. If by the end of the queue, your ticket count has still not reached 24, then it should be safe to join the queue! Arrive early and you should have no problem being within the first guaranteed 12.

10) DONíT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION: You will be queuing with a bunch of virtual strangers, and while most people will be there because they love the musical and you share that interest, they are at the end of the day strangers. Donít give out your phone number, address or full name, stick to your first name, nickname or even your username on a particular message board. Just use your common sense!

Keep these Top 10 tips in mind, and you should walk away from the Apollo Victoria Theatre at 10:05am with tickets and still be able to feel your toes.

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